[Webinar] Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Webinar Series

Three Week Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease Webinar Series

Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD) is generally defined as a diagnosis of Parkinson’s before the age of 60. Because of the age of diagnosis, individuals diagnosed with YOPD face unique challenges. Elaine Book, social worker at Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre, joins Parkinson Society BC for this three-part series aimed at addressing some of the specific issues faced by people with YOPD.


Thursday, November 7

Self-management refers to the tasks that an individual must undertake to live well with one or more chronic conditions. While important for people of all ages with any type of chronic condition, self-management is particularly important for people with YOPD as PD is a lifelong illness. This session will go over self-management techniques to help you live well and thrive.

Carepartners of Individuals with YOPD

Thursday, November 14

Carepartners of people with YOPD face specific challenges as well. This session will cover some of the feelings and challenges that a carepartner of someone with YOPD may experience, and methods for coping.

Parenting and YOPD

Thursday, November 21

One of the unique challenges of YOPD is that individuals who are diagnosed are often parents to young or adolescent children. In this session we will discuss how children may be affected by a Parkinson’s diagnosis in the family and how parents are able to support their children in this journey.

Please bring your questions to each session as there will be time set aside for Q&A and discussion, and for connecting with other people with YOPD. We welcome all individuals with YOPD to this webinar as well as their spouses and/or carepartners/caregivers, as they may benefit from learning more about the disease to assist in supporting their loved one.

For info on registration please visit the following link: https://www.parkinson.bc.ca/events/education-events/