Social Worker

The Clinic Social Worker provides information, counselling and referrals to help patients and family members understand, adjust and manage the emotional, social and practical concerns that may arise as a result of Parkinson’s disease. 

Issues may include:

  • Referrals/Information may include:

  • financial (pension, disability pensions, Pharmacare)

  • Health unit for home support

  • Facility care

  • Legal (power of attorney, representation agreement)

  • Housing options

  • Handydart, meals on wheels, lifeline, handicap parking

  • Respite care

  • Education to patient/family:

  • Parkinson’s Disease education

  • Stress, anxiety, and coping strategies

  • Reading material

  • Useful internet sources

  • Impact of illness on the patient’s work, family and lifestyle

  • Loss of independence and grief

  • Changes in life plan and role changes

  • Decision making

  • Communication challenges

  • Impulse control issues

  • Caregiver stress and burnout

  • Advanced care planning

As this is not an inclusive list, you are welcome to contact the social worker 
in the clinic for more information.

Elaine Book, M.S.W.