When will I know the results of my investigations?

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, results of investigations will NOT be communicated over the telephone. All results are routinely sent to your referring physician (usually your family doctor.) In some instances, we will arrange a follow-up visit with you to discuss the results of your investigations and make further recommendations.

What happens to my reports of my visit?

A full report of your visit will be sent to the physician who referred you to this clinic, and often to the other physicians involved in your care. Progress reports will be sent at the time of each return visit.

How can I get a prescription renewal?

We require at least one-week notice for prescription renewals, and you can arrange this by calling your own pharmacy. To keep telephone prescriptions to a minimum, please try and refill all your medications at one time.

What do I do with forms to complete?

If you need to have forms completed, please leave them with us – they will not be completed during your visit due to time restraints. Please ensure that you have signed the form giving us permission to release your medical information. There may be a nominal charge for this service.