Genetics Research


At the Centre for Applied Neurogenetics (CAN) and the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre (PPRC) at the University of British Columbia, researchers are working with the latest technologies and with international collaborations in human genetics to find specific gene(s) responsible for Parkinson’s disease. Each discovery provides remarkable molecular insight. Discoveries in genetic research will advance our understanding of Parkinson’s, such as how the disease progresses, individual responses to medication and symptom patterns. We believe knowing the root of the problem will enable us to fix it.

Our approach hinges on the participation of affected and unaffected individuals, and especially families in which two or more persons have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or another related neurological condition (dystonia, dementia, essential tremor, REM sleep disorder).

We can be reached by phone at 604-822-0322 or email about[at]can[dot]ubc[dot]ca or contact the genetics coordinator Tara Candido at

We are deeply appreciative of your collaboration with us.

With our best,
Dr. Matthew Farrer and the CAN/PPRC team