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Clinical, Genealogic and Genetic Studies of Parkinson Syndrome and Related Disorders

TAU aggregation in PD and other Neurodegenerative Disorders

                       Jessamyn McKenzie 


The Relationship between Serotonin and Levodopa-dervied Dopamine Release in Parkinson’s Disease

Jessamyn McKenzie 


GOT-PD: Group Occupational Therapy Education Series for Parkinson’s Disease

The sessions will run during the week of March 30, 2020 to April 3, 2020 and will cover the following topics:

● Thinking Skills for Parkinson’s (March 30, 2020)

● Independence Through Using Adaptive Aids and Technology for Parkinson’s (April 1, 2020)

● Managing Day-to-Day Symptoms of Parkinson’s (April 3, 2020)

Brianna Winckers 



  • Eligibility: men between the ages of 19 and 35, women between the ages of 30 and 85. Should not have Parkinson’s disease, depression, or any memory or mood disorders. Should not be on regular doses of ASA/Aspirin (81 mg/day is allowed), anti-inflammatories, or treatment for Gout.

Should not have a first degree relative with Parkinson’s disease

Microbiome Study

Goal: To investigate the bacterial and fungal microbiome of the gut and nose in Parkinson’s

Adam Yu



Vision Testing in Parkinson’s and Related Disorders

  • Goal: to study how vision is affected with the progression of the disease

  • Eligibility: 40+ years old, no vision problems